Thursday, 9 June 2011

Watch this space

Normal service will be resumed in a couple of weeks. Currently I am working on 2 "larger" pieces for entry into the Holmfirth Art Week charity exhibition -  This is not till July but the works have to be taken in before the end of June - so for all my regular watchers, please bear with me - normal service, as they say, will be resumed shortly - thank you.


  1. Good luck with the pieces.

  2. Greetings From Southern California

    I am your newest follower. I invite you to visit my blog and follow back if you want too.

    Have a Nice Day :-)

  3. Oooooh, can't wait for the return of "normal service."

    To show my support of "random kindness, missed deadlines" and, of course ART, I thought I would just pop over to tell you what a pleasure it is to meet you.

  4. Thanks for popping over to my blog! Love to see new faces! I'm actually over here on your side of the pond for the week-really enjoying it!