Friday, 24 September 2010

Acrylic paintings on chunky box canvas for sale

This is painting #1 of 52 - captured for prosterity an apple (minus the fruit fly) now on death row !
(6x8ins £10)

Painting #2 of 52 - Being bent and brown around the edges (no not me !) this fair trade variety wouldn't normally have made it's 15 minutes of fame - but you could change all that - this would look good on any kitchen wall !
(6x8ins £10)

A scene like this appeared on a lovely bottle of French Rose wine I've just finished, maybe the painting should have been completed first before I started on the wine !
(6x4ins £10)

A sprig of Pyracantha taking over the garden and invading my shed,
 firethorn is a very apt name - ouch !
(6x8ins $old)

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  1. I really like the French Rose wine pic. Very nice!