Friday, 31 December 2010

December - AKA The Big Freeze

The workshop where I produce my pictures has been frozen up throughout most of December with temperatures inside there of minus 10 and worse. Hence there's not much getting done at the mo in there. Take a look at the ice out of my water bucket - frozen solid from inside of the shed. Imagine how much whiskey you'd need to float that little beauty in.

Meanwhile, all is not lost, I'm insulating the workshop as a work in progress, ready for the next cold spell. You watch we'll probably have the hottest summer on record now !
Look out for my next paintings coming soon in January, oh
and on that timely note have a happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year to you all.

Stop Press :-
Here we have the insulated Workshop (Feb 2011).
 Complete with an oil filled radiator for those extra cold Yorkshire days.
And those buckets in the corner, they were solid blocks of ice before.

I could just fit a nice comfy sofa in that corner over there.

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