Tuesday, 19 April 2011

la Vin - on the slate !

Somewhere ( quelque part ) au Provence

For those eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed something similar to this previously.
Lifted from a bottle of red, this is not necessarily the last of the summer wine.
This acrylic painting is on a 18" x  9" roof slate ( circa 1900 ) - unfortunately bits have fallen off as its gotten older - I know the feeling well.

This is #16 of 52 - one a week for a year.

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  1. Great idea and wonderful that it is on slate. When I met Lesley Eames in St Ives, she showed me some that she had done on wood. Do you take photos of them and make cards from them? If you don't you should. I saw the illuminated man last night at the YSP - you ought to call in and take a look.x