Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Grace & Flavour - Orchard Street Sheffield

Grace & Flavour

Whether it's a breakfast bite or a lunchtime feast, this is the genuine little sandwich bar
 with the big personal touch.
The girls, J & J will be pleased to take your order.
I walk past G&F most days so just had to paint this cosy little shop.
This acrylic painting measures 10" x 6.5" on canvas board, and is #24 of 52.
One a week for a year.


  1. Ta muchly for popping in today Mr D - it was great to put a face to a name. We had great fun and raised £96 for the WI. I thought it was a lovely fair - for a first attempt anyway!! Where abouts id the sandwich shop? x

  2. Tell your mum if it doesn't keep good time - she can have a refund! let me know.