Tuesday, 19 April 2011

la Vin - on the slate !

Somewhere ( quelque part ) au Provence

For those eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed something similar to this previously.
Lifted from a bottle of red, this is not necessarily the last of the summer wine.
This acrylic painting is on a 18" x  9" roof slate ( circa 1900 ) - unfortunately bits have fallen off as its gotten older - I know the feeling well.

This is #16 of 52 - one a week for a year.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Abdy ( or thereabouts )

Abdy Lane from Blackamoor

These lovely trees catch my eye every time I drive down Blackamoor Rd 
travelling between Swinton and Wentworth.
They seem unnaturally straight somehow, like a brush or a comb on end.
I just had to capture them before all the leaves fully developed
and it all turned into a rather large hedge !  
(Maybe an idea for another painting Watson)

Measuring 10" x 6.5" on canvas board, this acrylic painting is #15 of 52.
One a week for a year.