Thursday, 9 February 2012

Thank you Mr. Hockney

Flowers from Brid

This story is a little convoluted - bear with me !

I was in the Sheffield Millennium Galleries this week having a muse around a brilliant exhibition on
"The Family in British Art"
One of my favourite paintings on display was one of David Hockney's,
portraying his mother and father in their front room in Bradford.
( My Parents - David Hockney 1977 )
Juxtaposed between them both is a vase of tulips.
This caught my eye, I know photography is frowned upon in the gallery
but I managed to snap a picture with my
pin-hole phone (for reference material) and that gave me the idea for this painting.

Mr. Hockney now lives in Bridlington, East Yorkshire - hence
Flowers from Brid

This picture measures 16" x 12" on canvas board, and is #33 of 52.
One a week for a year !
(Enjoy - and a Happy Valentines Day)


  1. Thats fab - and I love the story to accompany it! Are you going to the Protest Picnic on Sunday for the museum? Its 12-3pm if you can make it. Its being organised by Pete Mckee and there's lots going off I think, so it should be entertaining too. Pete has asked us all to take pens so we can draw too.

  2. Great story to go with your painting. Pin-hole phone sounds a bit like key-hole surgery :) Diane

  3. My first visit to your blog - I love the idea of a new creation every week and I'll keep coming back for a look. I went to the Hockney show in London and didn't see the big signs saying 'no photography'...managed a few snaps before I almost had the phone confiscated!

  4. The Grafitti is on Claywheels lane (Hillsborough) past the Fletchers factory , turn right onto Limhouse Cottage lane, and its on the right before you get to Hag Hill. You can't see it the painting as its on the back of the building.