Thursday, 27 March 2014

Cooling Towers - Ferrybridge

FerryBridge from High Melton

This is an A4 size study based on a view from High Melton, just north of Doncaster, looking out over Melton fields towards the Ferrybridge cooling towers in the Pontefract area.
The church spire on the right  is in the Picton area I believe.
I am hoping to turn this into a much larger painting for the Holmfirth Art Week exhibition which is later this year in July.
This is #46 in my series of 52 paintings, Acylic on  an A4 canvas panel.


  1. You can see these towers from miles and miles away! You captured them very well Mr D

  2. Thank you Diane - its a great spot out there you're right can see for miles on a clear day.