Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Lillies on t 'Cliffe

Attercliffe Water Lillies

I normally catch the train into Sheffield, however the other day I took the tram
from Meadowhall to Sheffield.
It's not exactly a picturesque route, but very interesting nevertheless.
The tram runs alongside the old industrial quarter for a length, taking in the railway and the Sheffield and Rotherham canal.
As the the tram approached Attercliffe I spotted these water lillies erupting colour out of the
gloomy, murky canal below.
I can't but help noticing these now everytime I pass, everytime different with the varying light conditions. 

This is an acrylic picture measuring 12" x 10" on canvas board, and is #36 of 52.
Nearly one a week for a year.

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