Thursday, 11 October 2012

femme avec robe rouge

La femme avec robe rouge

This painting (#38) was reproduced from a photograph I came across a couple of weeks ago whilst searching for objects that were French & Rouge, (a new theme I may develop further btw).
 She looks rather menacing 'la Madame' in this - with an" attendez que je vous rentrez chez vous "(wait till I get you home sort of look)  but I'm sure she's tres enchanting, posing in the mid afternoon sunshine
in Paris awaiting company on the terrace.
This is an acrylic picture measuring 12" x 8" on canvas board, and is #38 of 52.
Nearly one a week for a year.


  1. Now at last I have my own room I must start painting again. Wonder if I can remember how!! Have a good weekend. Diane

  2. Youve gone all Francaise! I like it, she looks "formidable"

  3. Well darlin', if you're looking for ROUGE, hop on over to my Paris blog. I"ve got plenty although not so many ladies wearing it your self. V

  4. Well, Virginia beat me to it, but when you say "French" and "rouge" in the same sentence I am going to come running! Like Virginia, there is plenty of Paris rouge at my place, too. On my trip last week, my daughter wore a rouge coat which made for great photos.

    This painting is nice and you have great style!